Tajweed course in Arabic language

Quran reading

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يتناول الكورس كيف نشأ علم التجويد؟ وما معناه ؟وما حكم تعلمه ؟وأهميته؟ وأحكامه كاملة إن شاء الله ,

سنبدأ بأحكام الاستعاذة والبسملة ثم التفخيم والترقيق وما يتعلق بهذا الباب

أحكام النون والميم المشددتين

أحكام النون الساكنة والتنوين ,

أحكام الميم الساكنة

أحكام اللامات السواكن

مستعينين بكتابين :

1-بداية المجيد لأحكام التجويد

2-الفتح الرباني في تيسير تلاوة القرآن

وكلا الكتابين يضم مصادر أمهات الكتب في التجويد كما سنأتي على ذكر المتون في أحكام التجويد وهي عبارة عن أبيات من الشعر تضم الأحكام بشكل مختصر

نسأل الله أن يوفقكم ويوفقنا إلى ما يحبه ويرضى

Your Instructor

Israa El-Burdan
Israa El-Burdan

Asalamo Alaikum

My name is “Israa El-sayed El-burdan”. I love to write. I enjoy working as a team. I want to share my knowledge with UAalim.com students.

Education & Professional Experience:

Bachelor of Arabic language from Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Al-Azhar University, class 2014.

I am currently working in a Private Qur’an learning center since May 2013. I am teaching children between ages 8 to 12 and adults between ages 12 to 17.

I am a member of Anadel Team. Anadel is audio Corporation to improve Arabic Language’s sounds and phonics.

I am also cofounder of Marefa since 2014. Marefa is a group of people gathering for sharing their reading experience of specifically planned books. Marefa did many cultural events over Egypt.

Worked as a Qur’an Instructor at Qubaa Schools.

Volunteer Work:

Worked at Life Maker associations.
Worked at Future Protector Association, which aiming at raising awareness against smoking and drugs addiction.
Worked at many Dawaa Activities that encourage girls to wear Hijab and prayer.

Conferences Attended:

Attended several conferences presented by Dr. Terek Al-swidan, Dr. Jasim Sultan, and Dr.Fadel Soliman, organized in Egypt.
Attended political science training course at the faculty of economy and political science, Ain-Shams University.
Attended courses at the Canadian Training Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the language of this course?
This course is in arabic language.
what about this course is?
This course is about tajweed. important tajweed rules explained in it.
What are the benefits of this course?
After this course you will be able to know most tajweed ruled and will be save to do the mistakes in Quran reading. inshaaALLAH

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